Friday, April 15, 2011


Sophie and I wanted to take the opportunity to make a trip to the House of Moses while Shantel is here with us. It's our favorite place to freely give our spare time and it is also a good teaching opportunity. It's an chance to teach an orphan that the undesirable things she has endured in this life can be used by God for good.

Shantel has a choice, and when she chooses to be like Jesus, her focus will not be on herself but on others. That may seem like a lot to ask of a 12 year old. It's a lot to ask of myself for sure and I've had twice the amount of time for growth and maturity that Shantel has had. But, the Lord's hand is on Shantel unlike anything I've ever seen in a child. Who He is in her makes me stand back in awe and try to take it all in.

I still can't see the full picture, but I know enough to see the good deposit he has placed in her. And he has placed her in my life for a reason. I see that as more than something to be enjoyed, but a great and also fleeting opportunity to guard and increase the harvest that is now and will be brought out of the life she lives in Zambia. She will reach people that I never could, and I know she will.

Last night when she was skyping Auntie Nelly (Neely) I heard her say this when asked what she wanted to be when she grows up"

"I want to be a missionary. Anywhere."

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  1. ML - Sophie has been keeping us informed on your time with Shantel! You two are so incredibly important in her life! God is using you two powerfully to impact this young girl for a lifetime. I can "almost feel" the words as you have written them. God Bless! Papa H!