Saturday, September 4, 2010


Today has been the best.

I don't have many words to say other than the Lord has been faithful to Shantel, his little girl.

He has heard her cries and lifted her out of her situation into a loving home, that of her true guardian.

Of all the reasons I am here in Zambia, she is number one.
Of all the callings God has on my life to be here for this time, she is the greatest.
Of all the aspects of ministry I carry out, she is my favorite.

Ten months of my life given to save hers, far more than worth every hardship.
I never knew the hope and the future that the Lord, her lion, had in store.
I will say that today was the pinnacle of them all, every day that I have spent in Zambia so far.
The Lion won. The victory belongs to Him.
His timing and his plan placed her once again on our doorstep at the perfect time.
And she is safe.