Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Well, against all odds it is true. Shantel learned how to ride a bike. In only an hour!
It was a rough start because our bikes are a little too big for her. Also, there is a big difference between teaching a small child and 12 year old child, who is unbalanced and throwing almost 100 pounds from side to side. But she did it, triumphantly so.

After one of her more severe wrecks I said, "Are you ok?"
And she said, "Yerrr. Strong women have to go through hard things, but they get up and put themselves back together."

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  1. As her Mumbaya, I am oh-so-very proud of Shantel courageously learning to ride her bike!!! Also I am oh-so-amazed at the profound wisdom she possesses for such a young woman!! Her life experience coupled with her love and desire for Jesus make a winning combo!! I look forward to seeing how God uses her in building His kingdom. I do love her!! Mom