Tuesday, August 17, 2010


There is nothing like being fruitful in life.
In fact, all I want in life is fruit.

Lately, I've been a bit interested in and consumed by our garden outside.
Vegetables, flowers, spices, fruit trees, watermelon vines...I love it.

Flowers alone are not enough for me.
Flowers do not bring about satisfaction quite like a tomato plant.
They are beautiful and they smell nice, but I'm not really a person about looks.
I like the harvest.

Having a garden, tending it, and waiting for the ripening of my labor--that's what does it for me. My new interest in gardening has helped me see the parallels between reaping the fruit of the soil and the life that I love to live.

It's all about the fruit.
The fruit is why I'm in Zambia.
But instead of tomatoes and watermelons and green onions and cabbage, I get to see the fruit of my labor in changed lives for the Kingdom of God.
And it's the truth--nothing else would do it for me.
I live for the harvest.

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  1. Wow! Such beautiful flowers and fruit! As you know, I love gardening-it is my newest hobby over the last few years and I gain so much satisfaction from working in my yard and gardens-one of the first thing that fascinated me about gardening is all of the biblical principles that come to mind as I am pulling weeds, removing dead blooms, and dead branches that no longer produce fruit or weeds-they choke the plants and deprive the fruits or flowers of water. It is all so profound and it is gives such satisfaction and joy to think on these things as I labor in my gardens. I love the revelations that come to mind in the process and I am happy to know that you are finding that same satisfaction and peace and fulfillment from your gardening as well. Just another blessing we share! I love you! Mom