Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stones that Last.

The first time I came to Zambia in 2008, I never thought that just two years down the road I would be living here. I never thought that God would call me to more than just that week. And as my heart was swept away by my group of Zambian little girls, the last thought in my mind was that I would one day live within walking distance of them. I never knew my investment would be longterm.

Throughout the very few and insignificant years of ministry that I have had, there is one thing that the Lord has told me over and over--"Build in stones that last".

From what I knew of building His kingdom, I did just that. I tried to build what lasts for eternity, not on shifting sand.

It wasn't until He called me to Zambia and I spent time here that I understood what He had been engraving into my life...the stones that last.

I spent the better part of this Saturday with "my girls". I invited them over for a birthday party to celebrate each and every one of their birthdays. It was epic. Beautiful. Magical. A huge and fantastic blessing to me.

I cannot help but sit back and be in awe of the tapestry that God has woven in my life.

In all of the fun and happiness and playing, I just stepped back and watched all of these grown up girls running around my house, here in Zambia.
Then one would call to me, "Auntie Mary" and I returned to the moment.

The stones that last are mentioned in Revelation Chapter 21.

The walls of the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, will be built on 12 foundations made of precious stones, gems, jewels. These stones are of the highest value, the most astounding beauty, the greatest strength, with un-ending durability.

Memory, Grace, Fridah, Yvette, Elina, Yvonne, Mary, Beatrice, Christine, Elizabeth, Veronica, Sarah.
These 12 are the stones that last.
They are the beautiful gems in which I am building the things of eternity.
These girls were the first Zambian children I fell in love with.
These girls were the first call God placed on my life to be here.
These girls were my first taste of the ministry He had in store for me in Zambia.

All the way to Africa for these 12. And it's far more than worth it.

This good day is coming from Jesus. Yes it is.

School bags full of goodies from Lisa.

Here is a personal "THANK YOU!" to Uncle Arthur and Aunt Laurie for donating the money to make the party possible. All of the girls had one of the best days of their lives.


  1. My Precious Angel,
    As always you totally outdid yourself with that adorable birthday party for your adorable girls!! The cake that you made from scratch and designed is beautiful and the girls just loved it to be sure!! They are truly gems that we both love-I know them now myself after meeting them on my visit there and it was fun being there to see all the preparations you were making for their 1st birthday party ever. I wish I could have been there for the party--My heart was!! Thank you Jesus for such blessings--I thank God every day for giving my greatest blessing-You! I love you so very, very much! Thank you for spreading His love!!! Love , Mom

  2. "Enjoyed" is such an inadequate word to describe my delight in reading this post.

    God is good!