Wednesday, June 3, 2009


June 2, 2009

Real Story of the Day:

I spent all day in Chawama visiting sponsored children. The part of the day that was most amazing didn’t even involve one of those kids. At one house, we got there and the child had just left for the market, so we just sat with his mother and talked for a while. I asked her how she was doing and then found out she had malaria. I asked her a few questions about her symptoms and her treatment and then I asked her how we could pray for her. She just burst into tears, so I moved over onto her bed and wrapped my arms around her and we just cried together. She had just lost her husband and wasn’t employed so it was very hard for her to take care of her children.

It amazed me how this beautiful, strong woman broke down as soon as someone expressed genuine interest in her life and her well-being. And it was such a blessing to me to be able to comfort her and be with her while she cried. It’s good to ask the hard questions and to be vulnerable. What a great day.

Pray for Martha.

We still have no power. It’s so difficult for the poor. And it didn’t go out until we got here…hmmm.

Funny Story of the Day:

Two newspaper guys asked me and Sophie on a double date. “I have you, he have your friend”. All through the window of our bus while we were sitting at the “station” waiting to leave. Then Sophie closed up his hand in the bus window. The End.

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  1. you know i LOVE these stories. not as good as hearing you tell them in person, but im still grateful i can be connected. i love you so much and i couldnt be more proud of you!