Thursday, March 17, 2011


There are many things in this life that I call beautiful.
Here is one of them:

Beauty is only 9 years old.
She lives in a house that burned down, but has two rooms still intact.
She has to worry when it rains.
She has to stay home from church with her sister at times to protect the little that they have from thieves.
Her surroundings are not quite beautiful.

But, Friday her mother told us a story.
Beauty is a member of a GEMS club here in Lusaka. Her mother is one of the counselors for this group of girls. Beauty asked her mother why one of the girls in the club wore the same outfit every Saturday to church. She asked if it was because she had no other clothes to put on. Her mother told her that this was probably the reason. So, Beauty went right home and gathered up a few articles of the precious little clothing she has and took it to club the following week. And now that little girl can wear clean clothes whenever she wants.

Our Father makes his daughters beautiful and He begins his work in places no one can see.
He works from the inside out.
And though few people could see this small soul giving so freely, He did.
He named her Beauty for a reason, even if just to teach me what it looks like.

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  1. Mary,
    Thanks so much for posting this. We were just discussing at the office about an article on beauty and challenging the SHINE readers to only wear a certain number of clothes for a month to put themselves in the girls of Zambia's shoes. Would I be able to ask you a few more questions about Beauty to include her story in SHINE? If you could email me back at that'd be great!! Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for all you do.