Friday, May 14, 2010


We do not do well with days of rest around here.

After a morning of "resting" around the house, that rest began to feel more like a prison sentence for a couple of lazy slobs.

We were itching to get out of the house and venture into the great outdoors.

We needed to get out. We needed to get a little dirty.

There are few adventures around here that involve nature.
We made a grand effort at going on a hike through a big cornfield behind our compound.

That "hike" ended up being a meet and greet because as surely as we stepped out of our gate we were met with person after person that we know.
We were invited into sitting rooms, asked many questions and even greeted by a girl whom we did not know but approached us saying, "Hey. You look like Sophie and Mary". It's true. We are.

The end of this tiring little excursion left us right back on our street for the best part of the day by far...our nieghbors.

For refreshment, for a moment of excitement, for a breath of fresh air....

To be adventurous, to get away, to get dirty...

We don't have to find an adventure like the ones at home, we just need to go next door and visit the nieghbors.

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  1. that precious little girl! I wish I could squeeze her, too. How awesome to be able to teach these little girls about Jesus!