Monday, April 19, 2010


Thank you everyone for praying for our little sister, Shantel.

When her true guardian was scheduled to come back into town from his new home in Livingstone, her "mother" panicked and sent her away.

While this was sudden and unexpected, I see it as an answer to prayer.

Shantel is currently enjoying a month-long break from school and a holiday at her Auntie Yvonne's house.

She is resting, watching TV, and being a kid. While she is so mature in life and in faith for her age, she is only 11 years old. She's just a kid. And she needs to have a child-sized burden every once in a while.

It makes me smile to get her phone calls up to ten times a day. We talk in the morning and before bed, with quite a few reassuring calls in between.

She's just checking in and she wants to make sure that we are still here. We have not left her. She can still talk to us. She can still hear how much she is loved. She can still be valued.

She needs to be reminded that there are two people in this world who fight for her, her Aunties, who would give all that they have in this world to come to her defense.

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  1. Thank God for Shantel's timely getaway. What a welcome separation from her situation and also an unexpected and well-deserved vacation so "Adequately Provided" at just the right moment in her life. A true reprieve from worry for you and a time of fun for her! I love thinking of her running and playing and relaxing watching tv like so many children do. It's just a nice break to think of her in that way. God bless her!!!!!!!!! I love you! Mom