Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Sophie has stolen my heart.
She loves to catch a glimpse of me.
Loves to greet me.
Can spot me from a mile away.

She runs naked down the street and jumps into my arms.

At this point I should clarify that Sophie is a Zambian two year old.
I just thought I would casually let the imaginations run wild about my ministry partner before I said it wasn’t actually her.

Sophie is a tiny tot who is our neighbor.
She is two.
She has a round belly.
She screams shrilly.
Her hair is crazy.
And I absolutely love her.
She is my new favorite part of Zambia and I will visit her every day that I can just so she can make it worth it.

If you could see her pint-sized chubbiness running at you with a most curious and characterizing gait pattern, arms high and working harder than legs, you would wilt and lose all strength but smile and laughter as you melted.

The TINIEST of joys.

Little and big, one way or another,
A girl named Sophie makes my day everyday.
They find the lightness in my heart and pull it out.

Friends. Little sisters. Bundles of uncontained happiness.

Sparkles, rainbows, wildflowers, warm fuzzies for the soul.

And both of them love me like Jesus.

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  1. Speaking of "lighting up one's life" you girls simply light up my world !!When I see your loving radiant faces I am filled with unspeakablejoy!! .It is such a blessing to be able to "see" the love of Jesus in your smiles as you share His love with each other and with the children. I am just "so thankful" to be a small part of That World. Thank you! Mom ..