Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have always been an entertainer.

A hostess, party planner, welcomer.
There are few things that I love more than welcoming people into my life and making them feel at home in my house, giving them a safe place of rest.

Like my Grammie, I love to make food for guests and serve them at my table.
Like my Lisa, I love to plan and organize occasions to be in the presence of friends.

In Zambia, as you can imagine, the entertaining that I do looks a bit different.
As I see the differences, I see all the joys of entertaining that I've never known.

Here, my guests are Zambian women who have come over for a baking class.

Orphans with hungry bellies, soaked by the rain.

Little girls with babies on their backs.

Mamas who have walked miles with their toddlers to our reading program.

Babies with leaky diapers who want a warm chest to snuggle into.

And all I can think of are the people who entertain angels without knowing it....Hebrews 13.

And all I can pray,

Abba, let me always invite you to dinner in my home.
Let me always invite you in.
Let the orphans be my guests of honor, with your presence in their midst.
Let us all share in you.
Let me entertain you, Father.
Be served at my table. Sit at the head.
Drink deep and fill your belly.
Be welcomed. Be at ease. Be in the company of your family.
Be my guest.
Be entertained.


  1. I am so blessed by this. I have a new perspective on entertaining!

  2. How beautiful Mary ... Thank you for an introspective glimpse into the heart of Zambia!